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I thank for improvement of articles. -- 00:46, 31 Атырдьах ыйын 2010 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]

thanks! (though this is a matter of fact - if one see's something to improve one should do this :)) Rbrausse 09:16, 31 Атырдьах ыйын 2010 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]
And you whence? Can be presented? --HalanTul 22:31, 31 Атырдьах ыйын 2010 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]
you mean my red user page? I prefer it this way, even in my home wikipedia this link is empty... but as you're asking - I'm from Germany and do mostly interwiki links (and sometimes a little bit more like images and smaller improvements). It's like wasting time in facebook - but in my opinion a little bit more useful ;) Greetings from Augsburg (near Мүнхэн) and good night, Rbrausse 23:21, 31 Атырдьах ыйын 2010 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]
Yes ive, far you live from us)))). At our place almost midday. The more valuably your contribution. Махтал/Ich danke! --HalanTul 00:36, 1 Балаҕан ыйын 2010 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]
you're welcome! (and - to be honest - I started editing here without even knowing what sah could mean. I had to read the article to get an idea about your languange :)) Rbrausse 08:27, 1 Балаҕан ыйын 2010 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]
Researchers much comes from Germany have made for our people. You continue their work. Very well. --HalanTul 00:36, 2 Балаҕан ыйын 2010 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]