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Туох буолбута[уларыт | биики-тиэкиһи уларытыы]

Риим империята[уларыт | биики-тиэкиһи уларытыы]

  • Carpians invade Moesia; Emperor Maximinus Thrax campaigns against them.
  • In spite of the payment of a tribute, the Romans fail to persuade the Goths and the Carpians to withdraw from Moesia.
  • March 7 — Gordian I and Gordian II become Roman Emperors. They rule for 36 days (until their deaths on April 12).
  • April 22 — Pupienus and Balbinus become Roman Emperors.
  • The town of Aquileia takes the side of Roman Senate against Maximinus Thrax and he is executed by the Praetorian Guard.
  • July 29 — Gordian III becomes Emperor on the deaths of Pupienus and Balbinus.
  • Future Roman Emperor Valerian becomes princeps senatus.
  • The Colosseum is restored after being damaged.
  • The Goths, coming from Ukraine, cross the Danube and devastate the Empire up to the border with Anatolia.
  • In North Africa, Legio III Augusta, is dissolved. Until its reconstitution in 253, Africa is defended by auxiliary troops only.

Төрөөбүттэр[уларыт | биики-тиэкиһи уларытыы]

  • Empress Yang Yan, the first wife of Emperor Wu (d. 274)
  • Wen Yang (d. 291)

Өлбүттэр[уларыт | биики-тиэкиһи уларытыы]

  • April 12 — Roman emperors Gordian I (suicide) and Gordian II (killed in battle)
  • June 24 — Maximinus Thrax, Roman Emperor
  • July 29 — Pupienus and Balbinus, Roman Emperors
  • Gongsun Yuan, general of Kingdom of Wei
  • Lun Zhi, general of Kingdom of Wei
  • Jia Fan, general of Kingdom of Wei
  • Chosroes I, King of Armenia (assassinated)