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'''Google Inc.''' диэн [[Интернет]] уонна [[софтуэр]] оҥорууларынан дьарыгырар [[АХШ]] корпорацията.<ref>{{Cite journal|last=Brin|first=Sergey|author-link=Sergey Brin|last2=Page|first2=Lawrence|author-link2=Larry Page|year=1998|title=The anatomy of a large-scale hypertextual Web search engine|url=|journal=Computer Networks and ISDN Systems|volume=30|issue=1–7|pages=107–117|citeseerx=|doi=10.1016/S0169-7552(98)00110-X}}</ref><ref>{{cite journal |last=Barroso |first=L.A. |last2=Dean |first2=J. |last3=Holzle |first3=U. |date=April 29, 2003 |title=Web search for a planet: the google cluster architecture |journal=IEEE Micro |volume=23 |issue=2 |pages=22–28 |doi=10.1109/mm.2003.1196112 |quote=We believe that the best price/performance tradeoff for our applications comes from fashioning a reliable computing infrastructure from clusters of unreliable commodity PCs.|url= }}</ref>
'''Google Inc.''' диэн [[Интернет]] уонна [[софтуэр]] оҥорууларынан дьарыгырар [[АХШ]] корпорацията.
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